Why I don't offer "mini sessions"

There’s two main reasons I’m not fond of mini sessions and don’t offer them to my clients anymore. The first reason is that I don’t believe they send the message that you’re valuing your time. I know my family sessions are valuable. From the service I provide to the final edited images I send out, I strive to make every aspect of what I do a high end, adventurous, and FUN experience for my clients. I KNOW my worth and the importance of what I am able to offer my clients, and I don’t ever want to short change that. I started realizing a lot of inquires I got were wanting the full experience of my adventurous sessions but with a cheaper price tag, so they would inquire with phrases like, “How much do you charge for a quick little 20 or 30 minute session?” I finally realized this: My work IS unique, special, and worthy of the full investment because I’m able to give so much intentionality into each and every family who comes my way. To me, mini sessions don’t offer that same valuable experience so I have decided to not offer them. 

The second reason I don’t do mini sessions is because of how I specifically handle my photoshoots. I’m a storyteller at heart, and I know a HUGE reason of what draws people into my work and makes them fall in love with the images are the stories I’m able to visually capture. I get a lot of comments saying, “I feel like I know this couple just from how you captured them.” I LOVE feedback like that, because I’m VERY intentional in doing that. I fully believe in order to get those raw, vulnerable, candid, passionate images I have to know who I’m shooting. From the moment someone inquires, I’m asking questions about their story, their heart, and their dreams in order to get to know them on a deeper level than just “photographer” and “client.” If at all possible I consult with my clients beforehand.  With mini sessions (20 mins), there isn’t time to get to know each other on a real, raw level.  We don't have time to go to an epic or unique location to you and your story. Therefore, the work I produce during a mini session, to me isn’t worthy of what I know I’m capable of offering my clients.

I want to fully connect with my clients and I just need more time to be able to do that.