Why does it matter?

Your session is fast approaching..and the age old question is..what do we wear?
I know it can feel daunting to pick out what to wear for your photos.  It is hard enough choosing your own outfit, much less your entire family.  
The focus of your photo session should be on your sweet family and your connection to each other. Some outfits that look great in real life just don't photograph well. I promise that if you follow your photographers guidelines your photos will turn out so much better, because they will be intentional, and the focus will be on you and your connection.

Once you book a session with me, you'll receive a styling guide that is meant to help you understand what outfits photograph best and why.  My goal is not to control or change who you are, but to give you my expertise and knowledge.  My guide will help you choose the perfect outfits for each member of your family, so you'll look and feel amazing!  I want you to feel like yourselves, comfortable in your skin, and ready to dance around in front of my camera.